Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CCR and LOWV to host panel discussion on Cincinnati’s public safety future

CCR and the LOWV will host a panel discussion about the direction of community-police relations moving forward. Cincinnati has spent millions of dollars building the trust between citizens and the Cincinnati Police Department. The panel will discuss what progress has been made and what work needs to be done to continue improving efficiency, public safety and community relations.

Where: Media Bridges or WCET (Maybe we should approach a major network? The tenth anniversary of the riots is coming up and the media will be trying to figure out how to look back and make sense of it. We’re mostly looking forward and acknowledging how we’ve gotten to where we are and where we want to go. If we get the panel we want the media will probably be all over it.)

When: April 14th or 16th?

The moderator: (Someone from the LOWV, Curtis Fuller, Dan Hurley maybe a combination)
On the suggested Panel: NAACP President Smitherman or NAACP’s education Chair Iris Roley, Cincinnati Police Chief Streicher, UC criminology professor John Eck, Hamilton County GOP chair Alex Triantifilou/West side resident-activist Pete Witte or Chris Finney from COAST(I think just one of them should be chosen and Pete Witte is my preference), civil rights attorney Al Gerhardstein, Leslie Jones etc. The key is to have a diverse panel that represents different segments of the community.

The hosts or moderator will give some background on the issues surrounding the changes that have taken place in the way we think about public safety, the costs of public safety and the style of policing that is best suited for our community as we move into the future.

Perhaps someone should draw a contrast between the difference in training and technology between CPD and the county. (Cameras on cruisers etc., the John Harmon incident etc.)

The goal of this panel is to help launch a new and broader effort to engage the community at large in this discussion because as the city deals with ongoing budget problems and how to prioritize public safety is always an important issue. This is part of a broader effort to strengthen and empower the citizen’s voice and build community.

Putting the event together: (Not necessarily in this order)
1. We need feedback on our suggested panel and to make whatever changes additions etc are wanted ASAP.
2. We need to nail down the date and location ASAP.
3. Invite the panelists and moderators ASAP.
4. Get media on board.

I can reach out to the NAACP and Chris Finney at COAST if he is chosen. Somebody else should reach out to Streicher, Witte, John Eck, Leslie Jones, Al Gerhardstein and the moderators.

Suggestions and input are welcome.